Commissions Open (new prices)

2014-04-28 13:24:05 by kiddeathxv

I am now ready for commissions. Here are the prices;

Sketch = $15.00 Example
Line-art = $18.00
Flat Colour = $19.00
Full Colour + Shading = $22.00  Example

BackGrounds = $15.00
Comic Strip/Pages = $35.00 (per page) Example

Bonus Versions = $12 per extra version/variation on picture


This refers to me possibly taking a sketch you've already done or line-art you've already done and doing the line-art or doing the colouring / shading, in that case just line-art and just colour/shading will cost less since I didn't do the sketch/line-art etc.

Just line-art = $15.00

Just colours+shading = $16.00

Sketch-page = $17.00 Example

There will be additional fees for extra characters,
If you would like something more specific, or things get a little pricey, we can negotiate a price.
If you are interested just PM me or send me a message on Skype, so we can discuss it.
All payments must be through Paypal.

(EDIT- You'll noticed I've raised the prices as I was not making much of a profit from my old prices, as well as some other options.) 

(EDIT- Prices have been altered again)


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